Best Xbox Series X Video Settings | VRR, YCC 4:2:2, 10 bit color, HDR calibration

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The Xbox Series X has an excellent setup process, walking you through the key settings but it doesn’t cover everything. To game with the best video settings on your Xbox Series X you'll need to go into the deep menu settings.
Xbox Series X:
To get the most out of your Xbox Series X, a modern TV with features including HDMI 2.1, HDR, UHD color, VRR, and a 120Hz panel. But even on more modern TVs, you might have to pay attention to your HDMI ports, if there is one labeled 4K 120Hz, you’ll want to use that one. And it may be that you have to turn variable refresh rate on or otherwise enable it. Some newer TVs are supposed to make the right adjustments automatically, but that doesn’t always work, so the takeaway here is to always double-check.
The Video Modes section is going to be a very important home during this process with a plethora of adjustable options, but what does this stuff mean? Allow 50Hz means it will play 50Hz content from video apps. We don’t get a lot of that in the U.S., but it doesn’t hurt to leave it on. Allow 24 Hz is for playing movies at their native frame-rate, and that’s especially important for DVD, Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray playback. Auto Low Latency Mode, leave this on because if your TV supports it, it should go straight into game mode for the least amount of lag -- doesn’t always work on some TVs, though. Allow variable refresh rate: I say leave this on, it’s going to be a bigger and bigger help as more games support it. The only reason I’d turn it off is if you are running into some problems and want to shut it off to troubleshoot.
Allow 4K and Allow HDR10, pretty self explanatory. Now, Auto HDR, what does that do? Well, for the most part, it allows the Xbox to present non-HDR games as if they were in HDR and I am hearing that it works really well. If you are old-school, though, and want to play the game exactly as it was developed to look in SDR, by all means, feel free to turn this off. But I wouldn't.
Allow Dolby Vision, this is for games and movies and if you have a Dolby Vision TV absolutely leave this on if you can. Again, though, if you run into problems and you ever think Dolby Vision being on could be a culprit, you can always turn this off in a sequence to check.
Now let’s jump into video fidelity and overscan. Under display, leave this on auto-detect. It knows what kind of connection you have. Color Depth: Now here’s a spot where you think more is better right? Not necessarily. This has a bit to do with that chroma subsampling stuff I talked about before. First off, no need to ever select 12-bit because in most cases that would push the Xbox past its 40 gigabits per second boundary, so pointless to click this. You CAN click 10-bit if you want, but its not like the Xbox is able to add and bits per pixel that aren’t already there, so if it isn’t getting an HDR signal, then it isn’t really going into 10-bit territory. If you leave it at 8-bit, it WILL automatically jump to 10-bit when you go into HDR mode and that’s what matters. So, pick eight or ten. Whatever you like, because it isn’t going to matter much.
0:00 - Intro
1:02 - TV Settings
2:06 - Calibrating The TV
3:01 - HDR Calibration
3:54 - TV and Display Options
4:32 - Troubleshooting
5:18 - 4K Resolution and 120Hz Refresh Rate
6:00 - Auto Low-Latency Mode, Variable Refresh Rate, HDR, and Dolby Vision
7:18 - Chroma Subsampling
8:23 - Video Fidelity, Overscan, and Color Depth
9:09 - Color Space
9:32 - Device Control
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